Smile For Me

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Release May 31, 2019Windows, Mac

An unconventional first-person Point-and-Click Adventure about making people happy!


Imagined and created by Day Lane and Yugo Limbo

Soundtrack composed by Lucas Saur

Sound design by Will Savino

Dr. Habit Puppet created by TheCircusCottage (Tody and Gabi)

Additional voices

Bana Valope

Christian Flynn

Frankie Green

Grace Brewster

Jintana Cunningham

Samanthuel Louise Gillson (Splendidland)

Tessa Wells

Additional Musical Performances

Emily Sgouros - vibraphone

AJ Bellocco - saxophone

Theo Braun - additional guitar

Baptiste Horcholle - saxophone

Elīza Bake - vocals

Adam Cordero - bass-clarinet

Mercer Shavelson - piano

Shai Yuval - drums

Evan Marien - additional mastering

QA 2019 release

Frankie Green - QA Lead

Allison Arteaga

Bana Valope

Ester Ellis

Jacob Sabolsky

Marcus "Duck" Taylor

Matt Strachan

Michael Li

Nathaniel Taylor

Travis Reaves-Butterfield

Special Thanks to:

Bana Valope

Christian Flynn

Jake Lane

Michael Archer

Nathaniel Taylor

Stevie Lane

Xiaohan Gao

Ziyad Duron