Great God Grove

Release To Be AnnouncedWindows

An 2/3D adventure game about the mail carrier for the gods!

It's the end of the world, and the King of the gods has gone crazy!


Way up high on a mountaintop sits the Grove, a realm peacefully inhabited by charismatic deities and their devoted human worshippers. That was, until the pantheon's King began spreading insults and disinformation. Now the gods and their followers have devolved into bickering and fighting! In Great God Grove, players assume the role of Godpoke, the mail carrier for this fractured pantheon. Creatively deliver messages and set the story straight... before the apocalypse consumes us all!

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You're not just delivering letters!

Great God Grove is a unique game where speech bubbles can be picked up like items! using the loudspeaker "Megapon," gather dialogue and pay attention to who might need to hear it.

Then, launch your stored dialogue to solve all sorts of squabbles and problems!

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That's not all! Megapon can be used to change your environment. Pick up items, objects, and even... er... birds...?

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In your travels, you'll explore 2D and 3D environments, meet countless curious characters, and help solve the squabbles of 8 bizarre gods! No challenge is too great for a mail-carrier with a mission.

Good luck, Godpoke!

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