Great God Grove

Release To Be AnnouncedWindows

An 2/3D adventure game about the mail carrier for the gods!


Great God Grove is the second feature-length game developed by LimboLane. The duo have attempted to bring their signature style of silly-and-sincere writing to a brand new world, much bigger than the last!

The game features a 2D overworld where the player can maneuver in third person and speak to humans. When the player wants to commune with one of the Grove's 8 gods, they will enter the deity's 3D realm to speak with them in first person.

Nodding and Shaking (the core mechanic of the first-person adventure game Smile For Me) will make a return in Great God Grove as an optional alternative control scheme during first person sequences.

Great God Grove is all about the spread of information - as the only character with the means to suck up dialogue bubbles, the player is in a unique position to solve the Grove's strife caused by King's lies and betrayal.

Through it's chapter stories and overarching plot, Great God Grove explores themes of communication, responsibility, disinformation, and redemption.

Great God Grove does not yet have a scheduled release date.

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