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FACE LOVE Contest Winners Chosen!

3 winners and 22 runners-up!

November 22, 2022 - LimboLane


Last week you submitted tons of faces created using our free sticker-book game, FACE LOVE. A select few submissions will appear as characters in our next feature-length game, Great God Grove!

Choosing one winner per-platform was DANG DIFFICULT, since there are were so many submissions deserving of the limelight!

With no further ado, the winners for the Face Love x Great God Grove character contest are:

BLOG Twitter Winner

From Twitter, HOUSECAT MAN by TheSpryte!

BLOG Tumblr winner

From Tumblr, COTTIN KANDIE by noroalia!

BLOG Instagram Winner

From Instagram, MARSHA SILVERTONGUE by Bella Moore!

The three winning designs will appear as characters in our upcoming game Great God Grove!

Congrats as well to our runners up! These exemplary faces all show off the cool things you can do in Face Love with a dollop of creative juices. Check them out!

BLOG 3x3 Twitter Runners Up

From Twitter:

BLOG 3x3 Tumblr Runners Up

From Tumblr:

BLOG 2x2 Instagram Runners Up

From Instagram:

Thanks again to all our participants! We hope you had lots of fun making and sharing some very "normal" faces.

As always, keep an eye on our Tumblr and Instgram (links in the site footer) to see any similar events in the future!